7 Tips to extend portable external hard drive life
1. Read bogey power

The current speed of the hard disk are mostly 7200, during read and write, the entire disc in a high-speed rotation state, if you suddenly cut off the power supply, will make violent friction disc head and platter, leading to bad sectors or corrupted hard disk. So off, we must pay attention to the chassis panel indicator light is flashing on the hard disk, that is after operations of hard drive read and write have been completed, we could shut down the computer in accordance with normal procedures.

2. To prevent the subject to vibration

The hard disk is a very sophisticated storage equipment, when read and write, the head floating height of the surface of the disc only a few microns; even when not working when the head is contact with the disc. Hard at work, in the event a large shock, it will easily lead to head-phase impacts and information area, resulting in the disc information area is damaged or scratched disk, lost the hard disk file data stored within. Thus, at work or shut down until after the spindle motor has not stopped, never moving a computer or mobile hard disk, so as to avoid head impact with the disc produced disc scratches the surface of the magnetosphere.

In addition, when install and demolit hard drive, must take extra care to prevent the excessive shaking or violent collision with the iron chassis.

3. Away from the magnetic field

The magnetic field is a damaged hard disk data invisible killers, and therefore should be as much as possible to make the hard disk is not close to strong magnetic field, such as speakers, cell phones, radio and so on, so as to avoid the hard disk where the information recorded by the magnetization which has been damaged.

4. Reduce the frequent operation

If running a program for a long time (such as large-scale software or play games), then we should pay attention, and this will be a long head with a hard disk read and write position frequently (ie, programs where the sector), leaving generate hard drives bad sectors.

In addition, if you use an operating system for a long time, also make the system files are located in the hard disk sector (non-mobile) in a long time to read the state, thus speeding up the sector to wear out more quickly. Of course, it is better to install two or more operating systems used in turn in order to avoid the hard disk read and write to a sector to do the long-term operation.
5. The appropriate time of use

In the day, it is best not to let the hard work more than 10 hours, and do not work continuously more than 8 hours, it should be shut down your computer after a period of time, so that the hard disk has enough rest time

6. Defragmented on a regular basis

Hard drive will be frequently to read and write when working, at the same time to increase, delete also have a large number of non-contiguous disk space and disk fragmentation. When not continuous disk space and the growing amount of debris disk, they will affect the hard disk read performance. If the operation of the data additions and deletions are more frequent or regular replacement of software, they should be at regular intervals of time (eg one month) on systems running Windows built-in Disk Defragmenter tool to carry out the disk space debris and non-continuous restructuring efforts will drive the to play to the best performance.

7. To increase the memory and good power supply

If you often use large memory requirements of some software (such as image processing, modeling and design software), you should increase the memory, to reduce the large number of file swapping on the hard disk when read and write, thus extending the life of the hard disk.

Also, be sure to use the stable performance of the power supply, if the power supply impure or power shortage, could easily lead to data loss or even damage the hard disk. That’s 7 Tips to extend portable external hard drive life