Mounting is the beginning and dismounting is the end of the conversation between your computer and your
external hard drive. Mounting occurs automatically when you connect and turn on your drive, but you must initiate the dismounting action yourself. If you disconnect or turn off the drive before you dismount it, neither your drive nor your OS understands that the conversation is finished. It’s like hanging up without saying goodbye. Caution. Never turn off power to the drive or physically disconnect any cable attached to the drive when the disc activity LED indicates disc activity. That’s like hanging up in mid-sentence, and it will probably result in data loss.

1. Close all windows and quit all running applications that are stored on the drive or that are using data stored on the drive.
2. Click the icon in your system tray that represents the Safely Remove Hardware function, and then select the Seagate external drive.
Note. The system tray is the area in the lower right portion of
your desktop near the clock.